Corporate Governance

BRAbank seeks to create sustained shareholder value and pays due respect to the company’s various stakeholders. These include its shareholders, employees, business partners, society in general and authorities. BRAbank is committed to maintaining a high standard of corporate governance and has established principles and guidelines that define the roles and relationship between the shareholders, the Board of Directors and the executive management of the company.

BRAbank is incorporated and registered in Norway and subject to Norwegian law. The company’s shares are listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange Merkur Market. As an issuer of shares, the company must comply with rules applicable for companies with shares listed on Oslo Stock Exchange Merkur Market and rules applicable for public limited companies in general.


Hans Ljøen - CEO

Tom H. Rimestad - COO

Martin Valland - CTO

Torbjørn Botnevik - CFO

Henriette Vartdal - CPO

Bård Fladvad - interim CRO

Board of directors

Viggo Leisner - Chairman of the board

Per G. Braathen - Board member

Kristin Krohn Devold - Board member

Mette Henriksen - Board member

Øyvind Oanes - Board member

Nina Dyrøy - Board member - employee representative


General meetings

The general meeting is the company’s highest governing body. All registered company shareholders have the right to participate and express their views at general meetings.

Once every year before 30 June, shareholders are invited to the annual general meeting to approve last year’s accounts and annual report, including distribution of dividend. Extraordinary general meetings may be called by the Board of Directors at any time when found necessary.

Notice with reference to or attached supporting documents will be made available on the website no later than 21 days prior to the general meeting.
Monobank encourages its shareholders to use the right to submit proposals and vote, either in person or by proxy. Shareholders wishing to attend the general meeting, must notify the company within the deadline specified in the notice. Shareholders, who are not able to attend the general meeting in person, may give proxy to another person attending the meeting.


Nomination committee
BRAbank’s has a nomination committee composed of three members, who shall be shareholders or shareholder representatives.
The nomination committee is responsible for recommending candidates for the election of members and chairman to the Board of Directors, and make recommendations for remuneration to the Board Members, including sub-committees of the Board, as well as recommending members to the nomination committee.

The current members of the nomination committee are:
1) Geir Stormorken - leder
2) Nils Hjellegjerde
3) Paul Muhr

The members are elected until the annual general meeting of 2019.

Nomination of candidates to the Board
All shareholders are entitled to nominate candidates to the Board of Directors. Nominations are submitted by sending an e-mail to
Nominations must be received well in advance to be considered for the election at BRAbank’s annual general meeting. All proposals should include information about the candidate, grounds for consideration and contact information to the person the candidate is nominated by.

Audit committee
The whole Board of Directors serves as the audit committee. The Board will over time evaluate the need for a separate audit committee based on the development of the company and its operation in terms of size and complexity.

Articles of Association

Articles of Association